The Simon Drew Mug Collection

Simon Drew China Coffee Mugs from Muglamania Mugs
We think Simons Drews mugs are great, so why not take home a fun china coffee mug from one of the Uk's great artists supplied from Muglamania mugs
Born in Reading in 1952 and educated at Bradfield College, Berkshire. Simon Drew read Zoology at Exeter University, and trained as a teacher at Reading University before teaching for five years in West Sussex. In 1981, he established his own gallery in Dartmouth, Devon for the sale of illustrations, paintings and the work of studio potters which, since 1985 has been short-listed by the British Crafts Council for its high standards.  Simon Drew's first book, A Book of Bestial Nonsense appeared in 1986. He has also regularly produced work for Friends of the Earth, including posters and stage designs